Free Flow 26: You

Its still you. 

Its still you at 2 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon.  

Its still you, its always was you, and itll always be you.


Prompt 14: The sword

She wasn’t looking for a night, she was looking for a sword.

Open scene, a valent knight with a thousand enemies under his belt, a damsel in distress, a village saved, a sword soaked in the blood of evil doers.

My sword.

The idiot has my sword strapped to his hip like it’s his to weild.

I adjust the corset that is squeezing my midsection -seriously how do people wear these- and stumble onto the battle feild.

“Help, help! Oh someone, please help me!”(72 words)

Free Flow 25: Bones

Blood seeps from her wound, the end of her silent feud,

With each drop her body becomes colder, as death begins to smolder.

Covered in her own blood as her last breathes causes pain to her chest,

The answer to words her brain can no longer manifest.

She hadn’t thought it through, no, they never do,

One swift action, out of spite…

And now there lays the knife that has ended her life.

Still no one will ever know,

The price she paid for staying home alone.

Life will move on,

As though she is not gone.

When enough time has passed, then they’ll look back.

When they finally find her, still sitting alone,

All that will be left is her bones.

But sometimes she still breathes,

Within the summer breeze.(131 words)

Prompt 13: Apologize

I have nothing to apologize for. I did what I had to to survive, when the matter is life an death there is no room for judgement.

It was the bravest thing I’ve ever done, and I stand by it.”

“But everyone was terrified-”

“So was I! I was terrified that if I stayed for one more day, one more hour, one more second, that I would have never left alive.”(72 words)

Free Flow 24: Rain

I find peace in the rain, or maybe I just want to find peace in anything.

Still, a calming effect takes place when your wet to the bone and your clothes cling to you, yet the rain keeps beating down.

You think that there is no way you could ever be more wet than right now, but the rain keeps coming; the rain is washing you away, wearing down the old you to reveal someone new.

At least, sometimes you feel new and refreshed, other times you stand there feeling the whole world is stuck to you, trapped in a wet prison of cloth.

How existential of me.


I’m waiting for the bus to come when it started raining, despite the forecast calling for clear and sunny skies.

The water dripping off my fingertips seems to disagree.(138 words)

Free Flow 23: Expert from a novel i’ll never write (9)

The image is blurred. I can’t see clearly even if I wanted to, everything is a haze and lost in the fog that is my current state of mind.

I could keep talking, I could sit here and pretend everything is okay, but in the back of my mind someone else is home.


I have no idea what we’re discussing in class, quantum physics or the new hit single, everything just sounds like white noise. I can’t focus. I doodle on the paper, harsh lines and tornadoes of pen.

Solid constructs don’t exist.

My brain isn’t working.

The more I doodle the tighter my shoulders feel, the lower I’m being pulled down. Like an unidentifiable weight is being placed on my shoulders little by little, until eventually I’ll collapse beneath the pressure.

I raise my hand, ask for a hall pass. I’ll wonder the halls and hope for clarity.

I arrive at a bathroom mirror. Sunken, tired eyes stare back.

Am I strong or am I weak?

My chest tightens, a lump starts to form in my throat, and it would be so simple just to cry. To let the tears wash out whoever is crawling inside my brain, but nothing comes out.

I can never cry when I need it the most.(214 words)

Free Flow 22: Expert from a novel i’ll never write (8)

Everyday is different. That’s a given, life is unpredictable.

It’s more challenging though, when you’re fighting a war inside your mind. Some days you’re winning and your day is fine. Some days you’re losing and every little thing is a bullet to the chest.

Today was one of those days.


I pick at the shiny metal film that’s pealing off the door handle, I’m jealous that with minimal effort it can remove it’s cracked exterior and become new again.

I wish it was that simple in the real world.

Mother is chattering away on her Bluetooth as we drive to the shop to pick up the finished product that is my dress. At this moment, I can’t image attending another family party, but I know better than to bring it up. (132 words)

Picture Prompt 3: Still alive (Part 3)

Continued from here

Of course he wouldn’t leave me behind, especially after convincing everyone that I was worth searching for.

So I pulled my sleeves down, zipped up the hoodie and agreed with Bean that we’d just see what happens. Well, I say “agree” it was more like conceded.

I fallow farther behind then Bean is comfortable with, he keeps looking back to make sure I haven’t wondered off.  He took my gun in case the virus started taking over, it taunts me from the back of his waist band, and my holster clanks emptily against my leg.

{something about being dazed of her surroundings} when a Goon comes barreling into my side. I side step and try to push him out of the way. He stumbles over my shoes and a prime my knife ready to drive it through his skull when he lunges, but nothing happens.

He barely looks at me and keeps shuffling, he walls right past me and doesnt bat an eye (even if he doesnt have eyelids).

I drive the knife through his head as he continues by and turn back to Bean who has a gun aimed in my direction.

“What the hell was that?”

“I- uh-” i look down at the Goon an shrug. (208 words)

Free Flow 21:

I stopped, the world didn’t.

You don’t always get closure. Not everything is polished with a nice finish or wrapped up in a pretty bow. Life is full of unanswered questions. 

It could have gone either way, the outcome wasn’t fixed, but what happen surprised everyone. (46 words)

Rant: Server Life


I love how when ever serving and tipping comes up, people like to just say “get a better job, or it’s not my responsibility to pay you, it’s just extra money”. So I just want to break this down.

{1}”Get a better job” Whether or not I’m in this job by choice, or because it’s the only thing keeping a roof over my head at the moment, should not mean that I don’t deserve to be paid.

{2}”Not your responsibility” Unfortunately IN AMERICA, employers are allowed to only pay servers $2 an hour because they’re tipped. THAT’S JUST FACTS. THAT IS HOW IT WORKS. If you don’t like that then don’t go out to eat.

We can complain to our employers all we want, but legally and realistically they’ll blow us off, because why would they pay us living wage when it’s legal for them not too.

{3}And also “extra money” illusion. As mentioned we get paid $2 an hour, which we never see because it all goes to taxes. What do we get taxed on? If you spend $150 on your meal, we get taxed on the $150. If a 20% tip is $50, we get taxed on that $50 whether or not you tipped $50.

So yeah, “At least it was something, better than nothing” but it’s still money out of our pocket if the tip that was left doesn’t cover what we’ll be taxed on, or isn’t enough to tip out the other employees. And it just stings when they say everything was great and then you end up paying for them to have come out.

POINT IS: It’s not extra money; it’s what we live off of. It sucks that customers “pay our wage” but that’s how it works here. So, if you don’t like it, don’t come out, but you can not demand service (and great service) and then demean the person providing you that service, and refuse to pay for it.

>>So I wasted (well not wasted it’s still important) my whole morning crafting this “statement” to a comment thread that got started in the midst of a social media post I was linked to and didn’t write anything else.  What can i say, i’m passionate about being treated like a human being.  See Here

Anyway, the points i made here i totally stand by and it’s not like it would hurt the world if more people saw it. (and by more i mean the 9 people who maybe read my stuff) So i’m posting it as today’s writing… also i have to get started on finding a topic for tomorrow so…