Prompt 14: Kisses xoxo

I set the bottle of hair dye on the sink, I went blonde this time seeing how the black hair dye stained my sink and ate my security deposit.

I double check my roots, making sure every spot is covered, and open the mirror pulling down a box of colored contacts.

I remove the brown iris I’m wearing now and replace them with vibrant blue ones.

I have 30 minutes before my hair is ready to rinse, I straighten the bathroom and grab the box of contacts.

I place them in my suitcase upright and remove my passport.

SUSANNA REID reads beneath a blank photo.

A new life, a new name, a new country. (113 words)

You have the power to make anyone fall in love with you just by kissing them.

A/N: So I had this idea based off this prompt, that a girl/guy constantly has to keep changing their identity because they’re a hopeless romantic and fall in love to easily. They tend to fall in love, kiss the person they want to love them and end up falling out of love or realizing it was just infatuation.

This is- was supposed to be  about them fleeing once again after another failed relationship.

Unfortunately the idea came at work.. and fled from me by time I was home to write.



Prompt : Turning Red

Inspired by THIS

I only ever had one black tally mark.

I married her and I never cared about all of her red tallies. We were each other’s one black mark, the only mark that mattered.

Now that black mark is red.

It didn’t happen all at once, it slowly got lighter, faded from black to burgundy. I didn’t even notice at first, I never thought that a black mark could turn red.

She was falling out of love, all her tally marks were catching up to me, and my only tally mark was turning red.


I like the idea that I  came up with for this… about a tally mark turning back red/someone falling out of love, however I couldn’t figure out the best way to execute it…. Maybe I’ll revisit it later. 

Prompt 18: 2 Years

We fell in love during the grace period, people told us we were fools to believe that it would work out. He was 20 I was 18, two years meant nothing when you passed the mark but it would be a lifetime once his birthday hit. Yet we believed we could make it.

People refused to marry us, we persevered anyway, it might not have been a marriage on paper but we spent all the time we could before we had to part. We vowed to wait for the other and meet up when I was 21.

Today is the day we reconnect.

July 2nd, my 21st birthday.

(End Prologue)

I watch the door, my foot tapping ferociously. I arrived early, eager to finally speak to him. after two years i had so much to tell him. I take another sip of coffee, it’s de-cafe but i still feel wired. high on anticipation. the door chimes and i look up, but it’s not him.

-My heart drops when I see him, when I see her.

He kisses her and points her to a table before looking around.

I look away, try and catch my breath. I look around for something to make me look busy but the only thing on the table is the cup of half drunken coffee and a stale biscuit.

“Hi,” he puts his hand on my shoulder, sliding next to me. “Long time no see.” He smiles

“Yeah,” I laugh nervously and look at the window, watch as he removes the ring from his left hand. I inhale, swallow the lump in my throat and turn back to him. “How’ve you been?”

“Good, I guess,” He nods, wringing his hands together. “I mean a lot can happen in a year.”

Prompt: It is illegal for people under 18 to talk to people over 21, or vice versa. In between, there is a 3 year period of your life in which you can talk to anybody you want. 

Prompt 17: Trigger, Bullet, Fire

Staring at her gun, I knew I should be afraid; but in all the chaos , only one emotion was running through me.


I close my eyes, waiting for bullets, but nothing happens. I open my eyes to see her just standing there staring at me.

“Do it!” She flinches when I speak, “Just shoot me already!”

“I- Your-” she lowers her gun, “I can’t shoot you.”

“Please!” As I yell the fire around us grows and she jumps back.

“But, you’re just a little girl. They didn’t tell me-! They didn’t tell me you were just a girl.”

I start crying, the fire around me getting more and more out of control.

“I can’t stop it!” I raise my hands, covering my face. “You have to shoot me so it’ll stop!” The harder I cry the bigger the fire gets.

She starts shouting, at first i think she’s trying to calm me down but when I open my eyes she’s engulfed by flames. Her gun goes off, firing randomly in the air as a last ‘Fight or flight’ reaction.


A bullet pings off one of the buildings, hitting me in the forehead.

It melts on impact.

She was relying on the bullet, I was relying on her, both failed.

I start crying again, standing in the middle of carnage. The entire town is up in flames and it’s all my own doing. I tried to stop it and i only made things worse.

8 years old and already I’ve destroyed two cities.

“It’s okay.” I open my eyes to see an older lady leaning over me, she grabs my shoulders, her hands cool to the touch. I open my mouth to speak but she puts a finger to my lips. “Just watch.”

She stands up, moving her hand in a circular motion above her head before bringing it in front of her. I watch as the flames around us flow into her finger tips, leaving only charred remains.

“How-!” She shushes me again before I can get the words out and takes me hand.

“Come child, I’ll show what you need to know.”(353 Words)


Title Credits

Cut me open, watch be bleed.
Life keeps going, but i concede.

Make it stop, can’t keep goin.
Trying so hard just to end up broken.
Pieces shattered.
Mind scattered.
I’ve been thinking for a while now.
Wishing to disappear, if I just knew how.
Cut me open, watch my veins run dry.
Cut me open, watch my cry.
Not tears of anguish
but those of relief (67)

Prompt 16: Tattoo

Ramblings inspired by this picture

I always did my best to hide the tattoo, it was just an unnecessary reason for heartbreak, and it did no one any good to look at it.

Still, as i sat in there in the bathroom -its harsh, bold lines staring back at me- I couldn’t help but be nostalgic of its first appearance.

I always had a sinking feeling that I would never meet the right person, that I would never bare another’s tattoo.

It got to the point that I was starting to think I wasn’t able to love.

Then it happen, one day when i was getting ready I saw it: His tattoo now etched into my skin right on my collar bone.

What a funny way to realize you love someone for the first time.

I didn’t expect it to sting. For some reason I had always imaged another’s tattoo appearing on your skin in a soft glow of warm and comfort. How naive.

It woke me up, i was half sleep when it started to appear and it hurt enough to have me jumping out of bed and racing to the bathroom to see what had bit me.

But it wasn’t a bite, and I watched as her tattoo appeared in the one spot everyone wished it would. The one spot reserved for that ultimate someone.

Your soulmate

Now, don’t go thinking it’s all fun and dandy now though, because there are so many unwritten rules to these tattoos and they in no way make life any easier.

Here’s a list if things that made me both excited and terrified that her tattoo appeared in this spot.

1. You could be someone’s soulmate and they not be yours or vise versa.

2. Soulmates could be platonic. Which meant I would forever be in the friend zone with this person. {yippy}

3. Mutual Soulmates tattoos didn’t always appear at the same time. You could go years with a one sided soul tattoo before yours appeared on their chests.

That’s why I decided to keep my tattoo to myself. Facing the reality of these options was more terrifying than the tattoo its self. (354 Words)

PROMPT 15: Yesterday, tomorrow, and everyday after. 

My life was doomed to end young. 

It always has been, there was no way I could change that, its just what had been written in the stars.

Except it was wrong.

There’s a pit in my stomach when I wake up.

I don’t notice it at first; i awake normally, not wanting to start my day but out of bed despite it.

I take a pee half asleep and crawl back in bed to enjoy that last moments before my alarm sounds.

Thats when the pit grows, slowly pulling at me distracting me from the last angelic moments of shut eye and yanking me full force into the daylight.

My eyes shoot to the clock, and then I’m staring wide eyes at the ceiling like it holds the answers.

I’m alive.

I was supposed to die, but I’m alive.

I went to bed last night with no intention to awake the next morning, and now the sun is eager to greet me.

It is an oddly shocking thing to wake up to face a day you never planned for.

I raise my hand to examine my arm, the date still stands there as clear as day.

April 29th 2017, the day I was destined to die.


I have no plans, i mean why would I?

I had always been someone secretive with my date. I guess when you have your date so earlier in your life It makes people reluctant to hang out with you, and the closer the date gets the less likely people are to give anything to you.

I mean, who wants to be friends with the living dead girl.

I heard of stories of people leaving children to homes because their dates would take them at the age of 7 or 12. It was easier than dealing with the heart break.

I wanted to be “normal” so bad, to be one of the people’s whose date was in there 60s or 70s.

So I lied about my date. What harm could it do once I was gone? In the mean time I could live the life i wanted without being penalized.

I could be normal for however many days I had left.

So when  I woke up,  i thought i must have gotten so used to lying that I forget my real date.(386 words)

Prompt: Everyone has the date they’re meant to die tattooed on there wrist. Yours was yesterday. 

Free Flow 28

I have to do just that.

The metal prison is squeezing my midsection, keeping me from moving in any direction without extreme difficulty.

If I had been smarter, i never would have been caught, but as luck would have it, i made one colossal mistake:

Trusting him.

So now I have no option, I’ve got to break a rib or two if I want to walk out of here alive.(70 words)

Free Flow 27: Edge


It’s a long way down, and my shoes have no grip.
I keep trying to walk, hoping I don’t trip.

The edge is unstable, it crumbles beneath my feet.
I try to stand tall, but on my shoulders is concrete.

Keep walking, but I have nowhere to go but down.
Inside I am melting down.

The edge is in my mind, and I’m running out of time!
The edge is in my mind, and I’m falling behind!

The edge is crumbling,
I am tumbling.

My hands meet no resistance.
I’m questioning my existence.

Falling or leaping?
Resisting or conceding?

It’s a long way down.(105 words)