Prompt 14: Kisses xoxo

I set the bottle of hair dye on the sink, I went blonde this time seeing how the black hair dye stained my sink and ate my security deposit.

I double check my roots, making sure every spot is covered, and open the mirror pulling down a box of colored contacts.

I remove the brown iris I’m wearing now and replace them with vibrant blue ones.

I have 30 minutes before my hair is ready to rinse, I straighten the bathroom and grab the box of contacts.

I place them in my suitcase upright and remove my passport.

SUSANNA REID reads beneath a blank photo.

A new life, a new name, a new country. (113 words)

You have the power to make anyone fall in love with you just by kissing them.

A/N: So I had this idea based off this prompt, that a girl/guy constantly has to keep changing their identity because they’re a hopeless romantic and fall in love to easily. They tend to fall in love, kiss the person they want to love them and end up falling out of love or realizing it was just infatuation.

This is- was supposed to be  about them fleeing once again after another failed relationship.

Unfortunately the idea came at work.. and fled from me by time I was home to write.



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