Prompt 18: 2 Years

We fell in love during the grace period, people told us we were fools to believe that it would work out. He was 20 I was 18, two years meant nothing when you passed the mark but it would be a lifetime once his birthday hit. Yet we believed we could make it.

People refused to marry us, we persevered anyway, it might not have been a marriage on paper but we spent all the time we could before we had to part. We vowed to wait for the other and meet up when I was 21.

Today is the day we reconnect.

July 2nd, my 21st birthday.

(End Prologue)

I watch the door, my foot tapping ferociously. I arrived early, eager to finally speak to him. after two years i had so much to tell him. I take another sip of coffee, it’s de-cafe but i still feel wired. high on anticipation. the door chimes and i look up, but it’s not him.

-My heart drops when I see him, when I see her.

He kisses her and points her to a table before looking around.

I look away, try and catch my breath. I look around for something to make me look busy but the only thing on the table is the cup of half drunken coffee and a stale biscuit.

“Hi,” he puts his hand on my shoulder, sliding next to me. “Long time no see.” He smiles

“Yeah,” I laugh nervously and look at the window, watch as he removes the ring from his left hand. I inhale, swallow the lump in my throat and turn back to him. “How’ve you been?”

“Good, I guess,” He nods, wringing his hands together. “I mean a lot can happen in a year.”

Prompt: It is illegal for people under 18 to talk to people over 21, or vice versa. In between, there is a 3 year period of your life in which you can talk to anybody you want. 


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