Prompt 17: Trigger, Bullet, Fire

Staring at her gun, I knew I should be afraid; but in all the chaos , only one emotion was running through me.


I close my eyes, waiting for bullets, but nothing happens. I open my eyes to see her just standing there staring at me.

“Do it!” She flinches when I speak, “Just shoot me already!”

“I- Your-” she lowers her gun, “I can’t shoot you.”

“Please!” As I yell the fire around us grows and she jumps back.

“But, you’re just a little girl. They didn’t tell me-! They didn’t tell me you were just a girl.”

I start crying, the fire around me getting more and more out of control.

“I can’t stop it!” I raise my hands, covering my face. “You have to shoot me so it’ll stop!” The harder I cry the bigger the fire gets.

She starts shouting, at first i think she’s trying to calm me down but when I open my eyes she’s engulfed by flames. Her gun goes off, firing randomly in the air as a last ‘Fight or flight’ reaction.


A bullet pings off one of the buildings, hitting me in the forehead.

It melts on impact.

She was relying on the bullet, I was relying on her, both failed.

I start crying again, standing in the middle of carnage. The entire town is up in flames and it’s all my own doing. I tried to stop it and i only made things worse.

8 years old and already I’ve destroyed two cities.

“It’s okay.” I open my eyes to see an older lady leaning over me, she grabs my shoulders, her hands cool to the touch. I open my mouth to speak but she puts a finger to my lips. “Just watch.”

She stands up, moving her hand in a circular motion above her head before bringing it in front of her. I watch as the flames around us flow into her finger tips, leaving only charred remains.

“How-!” She shushes me again before I can get the words out and takes me hand.

“Come child, I’ll show what you need to know.”(353 Words)



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