Prompt 16: Tattoo

Ramblings inspired by this picture

I always did my best to hide the tattoo, it was just an unnecessary reason for heartbreak, and it did no one any good to look at it.

Still, as i sat in there in the bathroom -its harsh, bold lines staring back at me- I couldn’t help but be nostalgic of its first appearance.

I always had a sinking feeling that I would never meet the right person, that I would never bare another’s tattoo.

It got to the point that I was starting to think I wasn’t able to love.

Then it happen, one day when i was getting ready I saw it: His tattoo now etched into my skin right on my collar bone.

What a funny way to realize you love someone for the first time.

I didn’t expect it to sting. For some reason I had always imaged another’s tattoo appearing on your skin in a soft glow of warm and comfort. How naive.

It woke me up, i was half sleep when it started to appear and it hurt enough to have me jumping out of bed and racing to the bathroom to see what had bit me.

But it wasn’t a bite, and I watched as her tattoo appeared in the one spot everyone wished it would. The one spot reserved for that ultimate someone.

Your soulmate

Now, don’t go thinking it’s all fun and dandy now though, because there are so many unwritten rules to these tattoos and they in no way make life any easier.

Here’s a list if things that made me both excited and terrified that her tattoo appeared in this spot.

1. You could be someone’s soulmate and they not be yours or vise versa.

2. Soulmates could be platonic. Which meant I would forever be in the friend zone with this person. {yippy}

3. Mutual Soulmates tattoos didn’t always appear at the same time. You could go years with a one sided soul tattoo before yours appeared on their chests.

That’s why I decided to keep my tattoo to myself. Facing the reality of these options was more terrifying than the tattoo its self. (354 Words)


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