Picture Prompt 3: Still alive (Part 3)

Continued from here

Of course he wouldn’t leave me behind, especially after convincing everyone that I was worth searching for.

So I pulled my sleeves down, zipped up the hoodie and agreed with Bean that we’d just see what happens. Well, I say “agree” it was more like conceded.

I fallow farther behind then Bean is comfortable with, he keeps looking back to make sure I haven’t wondered off.  He took my gun in case the virus started taking over, it taunts me from the back of his waist band, and my holster clanks emptily against my leg.

{something about being dazed of her surroundings} when a Goon comes barreling into my side. I side step and try to push him out of the way. He stumbles over my shoes and a prime my knife ready to drive it through his skull when he lunges, but nothing happens.

He barely looks at me and keeps shuffling, he walls right past me and doesnt bat an eye (even if he doesnt have eyelids).

I drive the knife through his head as he continues by and turn back to Bean who has a gun aimed in my direction.

“What the hell was that?”

“I- uh-” i look down at the Goon an shrug. (208 words)


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