Free Flow 18: Expert from a novel I’ll never write (6)

I could have fought more, that’s a fact.

I could have tried harder to keep what I wanted, but then, I would have needed to deserve to get what I want.

I didn’t. That’s also a fact.

I’m not sure when I gave up but at some point I did, some where along the road I stopped trying all together. Why?

I couldn’t find a point.

Not even a half believe, half plausible, crack pot, underhanded, tooth pick of a point..

Maybe it’s because by then, I wasn’t seeing much of anything. I was walking with my head down and everybody knows:

“If you stare at your shoes for too long you’re bound to trip over the laces.”

But I’ve trailed off my topic. What could I have fought more for? What did I want? What couldn’t I find a point for?

The answer, to all those questions, is simple:



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