Picture Prompt 3: Still Alive

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I’m jolted awake by the sound of pounding on the door, it’s absent and rhythmic and hard. Like someone is falling against the door and standing up only to fall once more.

I rub my eyes trying to remember last nights events. My throat is dry, and my tongue feels swollen in my mouth. I groan looking around the closet I must have spent the night in.

My legs ache from being pressed against the door and I shift trying to stretch them as best I can. The banging intensifies when I move and I instinctively reach for a weapon, my hand landing on a gun.

I aim it at the door breathing heavy.

I race through the mall with a pack of Goons on my heels. I point my gun behind me firing wildly into the mild of the middle. Most of my shots hit arms, chest, legs, a waste of ammo, but I manage to clip one in the head, bringing it to the ground. The others stumble over it but don’t stop. Nothing can get in the way of their lust for food.

I try to reload as I round the corner and run smack into a lone Goon. We tumble, his jaws snapping right beside my ear, trying to take a bite out of me.

The gun and clip fall out of my hand, bouncing across the floor. I Push myself off the Goon and lunge for the gun. My arm catches as the Goon pulls at my sleeve tearing my sweater. I give a swift kick to his neck and shed the sweatshirt leaving him in a complicated prison of cloth.

I reach the gun and clip.

“Shit!” I look around in a panic. The clip is half empty, bullets scattered across the floor. It’s my last clip of ammo! The pack is already around the corner, approaching at an alarming rate.

I grab the 2 closest bullets and keep moving.

I lower the gun onto my lap as the pounding subsides. How did I survive that? I eject the clip and look inside.

It’s empty.

I check the chamber, also empty.

{Awkward transition part that I can’t get. She finds out she got bitten… y’know image stuff.}

I look down and sure enough; there’s bites and scratches all over my arms most of which are at various levels of the healing process, none of them fresh.

How long was I out?

At 24 hours (the latest) the virus should have taken over, with the level of healing it must have been longer. I should be just like one of the mindless Goons outside the door. However, besides being a little disoriented I seem to have no signs of Gooniness.

I double check the gun. Empty. I reach for the spare knife on my hip, unsheathe it and lay it on the palm off my hand. It could do the job, if need be, but a gun would be easier, faster.

I dropped those bullets not far from this closet, if my memory is correct. If I get to them I can stop this before it spreads and affects my brain.

I slowly open the door, armed with the knife and a empty gun. The Goon that was bumping around earlier is gone. It’s a lot quieter than I expected, I guess the pack that was in here earlier has migrated elsewhere.(549 words)

I’m really bad about getting to the part of the story i actually have an idea about. I should just start writing all the parts I can think of and then figure out transition stuff later. …. I’ll definetly do that

If i ever get around to writing that novel. 🙂 😥


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