Free Flow 17: Love

Love: A strong emotional connection to another person or object.

Or at least that’s how Webster defines it, but I wouldn’t know anything about its accuracy. See I’ve never been in love. I’ve had crushes sure, but a physical attraction that leaves your system after a short period is nothing more than a case of infatuation. But defiantly not love.

I’ve seen love, I suppose. I mean in my family alone I’ve seen people fall in love at least a dozen times, and of course, I love my family, but that’s mostly because society dictates that I do.

So then what is love, what is this thing everyone is so eager to find and have. And how on earth do I know when I’ve found it?(126 words)

This is so supposed to be a prologue to a story I apparently thought of when I was younger, found the loose plot in a note book long with the Webster’s definition of love. 


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