Free Flow 15: A FanFiction I keep neglecting (2)


“It’s you, it’s always been you! It’ll always be you! But it’s not me!”

“What do you-“

“If I could be selfish, if it was just about whether or not I wanted this to happen-” I bite my lip and run a hand through my hair, “I can’t, I just I can’t.”

“You can’t what, Julien.” He steps forward grabbing my hands in his.

I look up into his eyes my heart aching; I can see everything in those deep blue eye and it’s killing me. I remember the day we met; I can feel every jumbled up emotion I’ve felt since that first day coursing through my body when he looks at me.

I pull my hands to my chest, turning around; I can’t look at him any longer or I’ll cave.

“It’s not going to happen, Taylor.”

“Why? You just said yourself that it’s me that you want, so why-“

“Because it’s not just about me!” I sigh, “It’s not just me that I have to think about anymore, okay? I have a lot of people depending on me.”

“Let someone else take care of it. Julien,” He steps closer to me, placing his hands on my arms. “We belong together; the universe is just going to have to make way for it to happen.”

DIFFERENT DIRECTION (Replaces the Underlined/Italicized portion)

Then I remember how it ended.

I pull away from him tears threatening to fall at any moment. “You chose-” It comes out in thick and barely audible, catching in my throat before I can continue my thought, and then at full force: I erupt. “You chose her!” I turn around hot tears streaming down my face. “You chose her! You went to her! When it cam-“

“Wait!” He reaches out to me, trying to comfort me, but I pull back. “What are you talking about, Julien?”

“I remember.” I spit it at him, eyes like knives. “I remember everything. I remember every moment I spent on that planet with you, every accusation that came my way, and when it came down to it!-when it was me or her!-“

“Julien..” He reaches for me again and I jump back, hitting the wall.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” I lick my lip, taste the salt from the tears now running down my chin. I run the back of my hand across my face breathing heavy.

Taylor doesn’t speak. The silence grows, I chest feels like it’s going to cave in. I’ve held all of this in for so long and now it’s building like wildfire.

“She tried to kill me, Taylor.” I take a deep breath, continuing as calm as possible. “When she attacked me, she wasn’t looking for prisoners; I saw it in her mind.” I look up at him, he stands there listening but I can sense his guilt. I look away. “When I won- if you want to call it that- you.. you went right to her. Instinct, or habit, or whatever.. I didn’t cross your mind.”

“That was a long time ago. When we got to earth you didn’t say anything! How-“

“What was I supposed to do, Taylor!? Even after our fight, you still stayed with her, whether or not I had my memory that was all on you. ”

“That was- it was just-“ He rubs his head confused, “Why are you bringing any of this up right now!?”

“Because I can’t go through that again!”(571 words)

>Okay so this is another installment of the Skyland fanfction I posted here. Though it features the crossover with- well it’s not important for this but yeah. Allllssso, i started this and just kept going then realized: i had no idea where it was going, so then i tried find it’s direction and… then it had none and was all over confusing. But there was some awesome writing i’m quite proud of so.


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