Prompt 11

“I was walking down south east verock, my dragon hide armor stained red.Stained not from my own blood, but from those of the vicious man hating hill giants.

“I had not choice” I mummbled to myself, “it was verrocka, he made me do it. I would have been just fine killing those skeletal widverns, but no he persisted that I kill those hill giants.” Any other time, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it, but that was different.

The last hill giant that I killed, with the final bow of my cross bow, shot him down in front of his loving wife and his new born baby. That look in the mothers single eye, that single salty tear, the way she caressed her baby.

I will never forget that expression for as long as I live.

This blood stained dragon hide, which weighs heavy on my shoulders, is a reminder to my self. A reminder that: as long as I stand, I will only fight my worst enemies and those who wish evil upon the fine people of moretownia.

I vowed, that from this day forward. Whenever I saw an act of cruelty from an act of a huminod, whether from hill giant, fire giant, or alcerdred gaurds I will be there. And if you have a problem with that then you can meet me and my scimitar between the eyes.”

Based on my husband’s mission in his game. 


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