Free Flow 14

I had always ignored the numbers on my wrist. They were insignificant and arbitrary.

But I stare at them now angry and bitter, tears stinging my eyes as I watch my best friend meet his soul mate. I cover them with my hand, as if that will somehow change what’s there. I can feel the pain burning through, reminding me that I am different.

I pull my sleeves down and push my thumbs through the holes, wiping at my tears as Ace comes over with his new girlfriend.

“Hi,” I try to smile and mean it, extending my hand, “I’m Leviticus. Nice to meet you.” Tears are starting to brim again, as I listen to Ace introduce Payton and smile like he’ll never look at anyone like that every again.

I smile and nod, bite my lip and pretend to care. All the while my wrist is burning beneath my shirt reminding me that Ace is breaking my heart and his promise all in a span of two minutes.


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