Free Flow 13:

I woke up 20 minutes later in the year 2012, the year that everything changed.

I take a look in the mirror at 16 year old me I had fifteen minutes to leave a message for my old self that would change the course of my life forever. Assuming young me would pay attention.

I search my pockets for the note I made of all the important things I needed to tell myself. I find nothing.

“Stupid!” I say out loud, of course the note wouldn’t travel with me, it was just transferring my mind not my body. I scramble around the room looking for a pen and paper, I always had them lying around as a child.

I find one and start jotting down what I remember.

  • Don’t get involved with Sam Butler
  • Ask for higher pay at your first job, they’ll give it to you!
  • Kiss Jeremy Addams at Jennifer’s Party
  • Save ALL your money for school, you won’t get a big enough grant.
  • Take the first internship

A buzzing starts going off in my ear and I know that I only have a minute left before I’m zipped back to my own time, I know I’m forgetting something super important but even one of these things could seriously alter the course of my future. There’s one I’m missing I know it’s the most important but I can’t remember it.

The buzzing gets louder as I try to concentrate. I look in the mirror at my younger self trying to jog my memory. (252 words)


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