Picture Prompt 2:

20170328_221737Drawing courtesy of my husband.

There once was a little owl name Root. Who lived high up in the trees. All this little owl wanted to do was make friends with all the woodland creatures.

Sadly, it was a very hard task to accomplish, you see, whenever the owl was awake all the woodland creatures were asleep and when ever owl was asleep they were awake. Poor little owl didn’t know what to do! How could he make his dream come true? He tried to go out during the day, but he was always too tired and the bright sun hurt his eyes.

Today the owl was going to try something new!

Bright and early in the morning, he went to the edge of his tree and went, “Woo, woo!” then: he waited. He waited until he saw a creature scamper by and again he went, “Woo, woo!”

He moved closer to the edge so that his beak just barely stuck out and tried again.

“Woo, Woo!” and he kept doing that until finally someone heard him.

“Who’s there?” called the fox, sniffing around the tree.

“It’s me! It’s me!” shouted the owl delighted. “I’m Root; I am the little owl in a tree! Woo! Is down there?”

“It is I, Robin, the Fox at the bottom of your tree.”

Root looked down and peered at the little fox sitting under his tree. “Where have you been little owl?”

“In this tree!” Root called fluttering his wings, “I’ve been stuck in this tree all day!”

“Why don’t you come down from the tree?”

“I can’t, the sun hurts my eyes.”(265 Words)

-And that’s all I got. I’m surprised I wrote anything.


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