Prompt 10

Broken glass and paperwork litter the floor of the queen’s study. There are bloodstains on the bookshelves and the body in the corner is well on it’s way to decomposing.

I pull the mop out of the bucket and slap it on the floor; time to get to work.

“Don’t forget to tape up the window.” The Queen appears around the corner putting in her earrings. “I don’t want a draft during the party.”

“Yes M’lady.” I nod and continue mopping the floor.

“Now!” She storms off, her heels echoing down the hall.

I drop the mop on the floor and head over to the widow, dragging the chair over and climbing on top.

“Yes M’lady, I’ll just poop a window out of my butt M’lady,” I reach for torn curtain trying to cover the window. (136 words)


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