Free Flow 9: A FanFiction I keep neglecting

>A FanFiction that takes place in the world of Skyland.

I run down the hall, my bare feet slapping against the cold metal. I had to make it to the court yard before things got out of hand. I leap down the staircase my dress ballooning under me. I can’t believe this was happening today of all days.

I reach the last corridor and shove my way out of the large doors.

“Status report!” I shout at the nearest officer.

“It’s renegade sphere follows,” He grabs my arm leading me behind a boulder, “They came out of no where and they’re using a new kind of patrollers, they’re protected by shields.”

“Perfect.” I tear the bottom off of my dress, tying it off in the middle of my legs. While Karmen picked out a beautiful dress, it’s not conducive to fighting conditions. “Are they’re any other seijins in the area?”

“No, but your special guests have joined the other officers.”

“Good.” I stand up as a patrollers is brought down, sending a gust of wind my way. “If you haven’t already get as the guardians to start checking the perimeter and send any others our way.” He salutes me as I jump over the boulder throwing a shield around a fleet of officers.

The blast is absorbed in the shield and I leap to the responsible patrollers, busting through the glass. There’s a brig in the cockpit and I take him down, absorb the residual seijin energy from the ship, send the ship spinning in the other direction and leap back onto the block.

I watch as Karmen and Taylor take down another patrollers before leaping to safety. “Is that all of them?” They head over to me but Karmen goes straight for my dress instead of giving me a status report.

“your dress, your dress, oh my god your dress!”

I ignore her and look over to Taylor.

“It’s the last that we’ve seen here,” he says “but Cortez radioed earlier that he found some stragglers on the other side carrying actual humans. Looks like this was a distract and they had something else planned.”

I nod, swatting at Karmen. “I’ll need to check the whole block to make sure no one got through. The wedding will definitely have to be post-poned.

“Well of course,” Karmen says standing. “you need a whole new dress!” she motions to the dirt and obvious tear.

“More important things, Karmen.” I say.(400 words)

<Honestly I would have continued, but it’s late and someone is really insistent that I go to sleep. Plus it was at an even 400 words and how often does that happen. 




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