Free Flow 6: Exert from a novel i’ll never write (2)


I grab the box from the back seat and shut the car door with my hip.

Item 6: Giving away personal items.

I walk towards the “new” good will, wedged between two abandoned stores, it used to be a Chinese restaurant. They didn’t pick the best spot to get business, but it is the perfect spot to go un-noticed.

The bell chimes when I walk in and the overly perky cashier greets me, “Hello! Welcome to good will.” she takes a look at the box in my hand, reaching forward. “Are you here to make a donation?”

I nod and walk up to the counter, setting the box on the grey pressure pad. I suppose it’s a pressure pad, it’s this weird squishy material that serves no purpose on the counter other than to make it look new, or something. I start taking items out of the box.

“Oh, you don’t have to do that.” overly perky says. “You can look around the store while i process the items and i’ll just flag you down if there’s anything too damaged to take.” she smiles again.

“okay.” I say, trying to smile back and decide to just walk away.

There isn’t anything interesting to look at at good will, at least not this one, and to be honest: Why would I buy more stuff i’m not going to use?

I walk over to the book section, if you can call it that. There’s only about two or three shelves of books. I grab a random one from the middle. The title reads ‘A better you today!’  and I put it back on the shelf. Today is too late.

My phone buzzes in my pocket, the caller ID shows Marcus and I swipe right.


“Where did you go?” He’s shouting over the final bell and a hallway full of restless students. “You missed last period and I never saw you at lunch.”

“I didn’t feel good, so I went home.”

{Somehow tie in Marcus trying to come over and then her coming up with excuse below. ><}

“No, Marcus!” The cashier gives me a concerned look. I smile and turn my back to her,”I uh- I started my period okay? I’m, in the bath right now.”

“Oh, um,” There’s a pause, some commotion, and the sound of a car starting up, “Okay, I’ll stop and get snacks, then head over.”

“No, just- just stay home I’m fine.”

“No, you said you had to talk about something important.”

“Marcus,” I sigh. Why couldn’t he be like normal boys sometimes? I was running out of ways to keep him away from the house.

“Look.” He says.  “I’m coming over regardless, do you want snacks or not?”

Great, now I have to think of something “important” to talk to him about. “Yeah snacks,” I look over at  the cashier; she’s still going through the box. I need more time to get home. “And some games?”

“Sure. I’ll see you in 20. bye”

“Bye.” I end the call, put the phone in my pocket, and head over to the counter. “Do you know how much longer?” (503 words)

Sorta stalled out in the middle :/ and then that made me stall out at the end cause I tried to edit before I was finished.  That is always the enemy.


So simple, yet so hard.



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