Free Flow 4: Expert from a -story- i’ll never write

Sorry for the late post. ><

She looked up at the dark sky as the clouds threatened to rain at any moment.

Why was it the sun never shined here?

Holding desperately onto the fence she looked out longing to be wee the sun shined and the people smiled. She tried to image what it was like there, but she couldn’t; she couldn’t image her life without pain, suffering, and loss. She blinked as a man came and stood in front of her. He looked down at her smiling, or at least she thought he was smiling, she had never seen a smile before.

She tried to push her hand through the fence to touch and make sure she wasn’t dreaming; but her arm wouldn’t stretch.

“You! Get inside now!” and just like that the closet thing she had been to ever seeing anything resembling happiness was gone as she was called back inside; but she didn’t move right away she sat there silently begging the man to save her to take her away to where the people smiled like he did.

It was too late though; he had already walked away; leaving her with the monsters that waited inside the building. Waiting to tear her down and destroy any hope she had left.

How much longer could she last, when her strength was becoming so fragile?(221 words)



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