Prompt 9:

A hooded figure creeps down the hallway as a girl sleeps in the next room. He pushes open the door slowly, creeping in and around the bed, pulling the draw of the night hand open. He steals glances as he opens it, determined not to wake her.

He smiles as he the door opens just enough for him to pull out a small yellow notebook.

“Drop it.”

He turns slightly, a gun pointed at his head. He pulls off his hood, mumbling under his breath, “Darn it, I was so close!”

“No,” She sits up, returning the gun under her pillow. “No, Jackson you really weren’t.”

“How did you know!?”

“I graduated top of my class, I can hear an amateur sneaking into a bedroom.”

He stands as a spherical object comes tumbling into the room. The girl takes on look at the device on the floor before grabbing the boy by the collar and fleeing the house, they reach the front door as the house explodes, propelling them into the front yard.

“Jesus Christ!” Jackson rolls over, watching the house go up in flames, “Mom and dad are going to be pissed.” Talia doesn’t respond, just pulls the gun off of Jackson’s hip and shoots a figure coming around the back of the house.

Jackson looks from Talia to the figure and back, “How do you know that was a bad guy!?”

“He blew up our house; I think it’s safe to say he wasn’t being neighborly.” Talia stands up and starts walking towards the back of the house, shifting debris. Jackson joins her moment’s later standing at a distance.

He opens his mouth to say something but decides to stay quiet. Talia continues to shift debris, before pulling the handle and deciding under the house. Jackson rushes after her.

the fluorescent lights buzz on as the two enter the basement. Talia grabs tools off the tables and a backpack off the wall as Jackson stands shell shocked. The room is covered head to toe in all kinds of weapons and unidentifiable gadgets.

“You know, normal people don’t have a basement full of weapons.”

“I’ll have you know that every single one of these knives saved my life at least once.”

“What about that gun over there?” He points to a Ak-47 on the wall.

“Oh, that?” She shrugs “That’s just for decoration.”    

“Right, right.” He nods casually. “So, how long has this been here?”

“Um,” Talia pauses, “I don’t know. When did our parents get together again?”

“That long!”

“More important things going on, Jackson.”(427 words)


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