Prompt 6/7:

Boots pound against pavement as a boy runs down the street. He jumps over a bench skidding around a corner and down a flight of stares [something about being late] before throwing open a door.

He stops short, the scene in front of him catching him off guard.

He stares at the bodies on the ground, at her covered in blood. Her eyes narrow as she stands.

“You’re late.”

“I – uh.” He stammers, looking for words that could justify his absence. He finds none.

“What happen?”

“What happen?” She scoffs, throwing her arms out at the scene laid before them. “What happened is: you didn’t show up. I was compromised, needed a quick extraction, and you were late.”

“At least you’re okay.” He laughs, she rolls her eyes.

“Let’s go.” She says annoyed, walking past him.

He follows her out.


Time to leave Base Camp. I’ve been here long enough, if I waste anymore time I’ll never be able to reach the top of the mountain by night fall.

I grab my pack and shove Edward off of his sleeping bag. He groans and rolls over, cuddling up to a poor squirrel that happened to be scampering by.


“I – what! What!” He jumps up, still holding on to the squirrel.

“It’s time to go.”

“But why.”

“Because you’re holding a squirrel.” He’s taken back, and raises the squirrel to examine it.

“Sorry buddy,” He places it on the floor and it runs up a nearby tree. “That’s what I get for cuddling with strangers.”

Two prompts cause I couldn’t decide. Short stories because it’s late and I worked all day. BUT I WROTE! That’s the important thing! 





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