Song Prompt 1: Me or Him

Castle of glass” – Linkin Park INTRO
A place for my head”– Linkin Park FIGHTING

My heart beats steady in my chest, the audience roaring just outside the stadium doors. If he wants to make a skeptical of me, I’ll let him. It’s not my life on the line it’s theirs.

I will not fail.

He can throw everything he wants at me, but I’m leaving here tonight.

The light streams through onto my feet as the metal door is lifted. I step out, slow and steady, cool and confident.

He made the wrong move pulling my friends into this.

The crowd boos at me and I cut eyes at a particularly loud group of people. They fall silent. I will not let them reduce this situation.

This is life or death.

Him, or them.

I look up at him, my father, clad in his royal garments. He looks down on me, an evil smirk on his face.

“Well.” I say flatly, lifting my chin, challenging him. He remains silent, looks calmly to the left; I follow his gaze. A metal door raises as Ava walks into the arena.

“Fire vs Water,” My father raisers his staff and the crowd cheers. With a {hits it on the floor} the match begins.

Ava wastes no time charging across the field and I dodge her weak attempt to drown me in a tsunami. Flipping into a fighting stance I glance at the cages dangling above our heads. Aquila has tears in her eyes.

I return my attention to the battle field locking eyes with Ava. There’s a twinge of remorse in there, but I don’t have time to feel any sympathy. She was always rather cocky anyway.  

Ava throws water my way and I make a fake attempt of moving before letting the water soak me. She’s shocked, but recovers freezing the water molecules around me.

“Try lighting up-“ I don’t wait for her to finish before igniting my whole body. No one ever caught on that I held back during training, adopting fake weaknesses, but I don’t have energy to waste playing my father’s games anymore.

I charge at Ava flip over her and throw a left jab into her side. She doesn’t think, just dives in to a round house kick. She forgets that I’m on fire, she’s forgets that I run at 200 degrees (on a bad day), and she lands her kick with instant regret.

Ava yells as her leg is inflicted with immediate third degree burns, she falls to the ground and pulls her self back trying to escape the sensation.

This fight is over.

Medics rush to the arena helping her out. The audience remains silent, unsure how to react. I look to my father, he almost looks impressed.

“Enough games!” I say,

“But the audience wants more!” He raises his arms and the crowd slowly cheers. He gestures for another gate to open and Astrid is the one to emerge this time. I let long exhale, a small layer of steam filling the arena.

When he signals for it to begin, I lock eyes with Astrid.

She charges forward, shifting air currants to gain speed.

I don’t move.

She’s confused but doesn’t slow up.

I don’t break contact.

I stare deep into her mind.

I push images into her brain, overwhelming her thoughts.

Astride stops short, only a foot away. She begins panicking, frantically patting her arms and legs, trying to put out a flame that isn’t there. I look past her and up at my father, “I said, enough.”

We stare at each other as medics remove Astrid from the field.

“Fine,” He relents, dropping his robe form his shoulder.

He drops into the arena, “Cheer for our long lost princess!” He gestures towards me a wide smile on his face, making circles around the arena with an air of arrogance.

“Who has returned for the people she loves.” He looks up at Aquila and Orion, dangling above. “Look at them now!” He shifts throwing a fire blast in their directions and I leap into the air blocking the blow.

The cage sways as the flames roar past their borders, and Aquila squeals inside. I look down at my father, determination and anger spreading across my face. I kick off of the cage flying straight for him in a ball of fire.

He grabs my arm and throws me. Pain shoots through my shoulder as I bounce across the arena I recover and lunge again, igniting on the flight.

My father sees me coming and blocks my attack, but I get him on the counter.

FIN(755 words)

So these are some characters that my sister and I made up when we were younger. They have a very rich backstory and I think that we wanted to write a movie for them. The soundtrack being all Linkin Park songs because we were *clears throat* are obsessed with them. Airgo this story was born. 🙂


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