Free Flow 3:


I stood there.

Just stood.

I willed my legs to move but they wouldn’t budge. I had been shaken down to my very core; it was a miracle I was still standing.

I watched in a daze as life went on around me.

This was it.

I was done, it was over.

– – –

I side step as a blare of car horns wake me from my daze; I had wondered into the street. I can’t remember where I’m heading but I just pull my coat tighter and continue walking.

My heart is beating in my ears, I can barely focus on putting one foot in front of the other. I just keep walking, all I know is that I can’t stand still, not even for a second, or I’ll change my mind.

I shove my hands in my pockets and feel the bundle of dollars, confirming they’re still there. I had a half ass-ed plan when I left, and the stack feels like stone in my pocket.

Why did I need this much money?

I pause at, literally standing at a fork in the road.

There’s a bus stop about three miles left, I could buy a ticket and just see where it takes me. If I go right, I’ll pass a coffee shop and the road will circle back around to my apartment building.

I can’t keep standing still.

I go left.(232 words)



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