Prompt 3: EXTRAS

Some extra stuff i thought about when working on “The Cave”

  1. So Celine’s only real fear was that Jessica wouldn’t pass the final exam.
  2. Celine was always confident about the test because, like Jessica said, her whole family passed. But it wasn’t just ignorance or something, she only was truly fearless because Jessica was always so afraid.

    Celine and Jessica have been friends for so long, and Jessica was always afraid of the Cave and not passing along with a lot of other stuff, and through helping her out all the time to over come fears and things like that. Celine kind of became fearless, but more accurately; an expert at overcoming/handling fear.

So yeah, that was just some extra stuff i thought about. My husband suggested that if I were to continue this, I could reveal this little bit of information in a fight between Jessica and Celine.


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