Free Flow 1: What is Human?

Yeah… I don’t know. I was at work and people weren’t acting very… nice. I’m still human y’know? But hey, am I really?

NerNard: Earthling, human, what do those words even mean? Are they just titles or is there something behind them, a meaning. Is there such a thing as truly BEING human? Or is it just a phrase we all have just grown so a custom to calling each other. The human spirit do we process it? Or is it another thing that is simply now just words spoken with no purpose. nothing. We can not call our selves human if we do not even know the meaning of such a thing. Do you! Do you know what it is to be human? Or you Fickle do you know what it means.

We keep saying that we are such things we have no true knowledge about. I tell you that mere dog could be more human than ALL of us together.

So do not, call your self or anyone of us for that manner, something you have no knowledge of.

Flen: But, why not, we’re living among them, acting like them, so then how are we not.”

Tell me this Flen; can you act like an animal? Could you get on all fours and pretend to be a tiger or a horse?

Flen: “I-i suppose”

NerNad: But does that make you that animal, by doing such a thing do you become a horse, do you become a tiger.

Flen: “No, of course not.”

NerNad: Then this is my point; we act as though we are something we never will be. Hence, as I would not call you a horse if you were to merely act as one, we do not call ourselves humans. (271 words)

I’m such a sci-fi nerd.


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