Prompt 4: Terms and Conditions

I should have read the contract. There is always tricky stuff in the fine print, but we as a society have gotten used to just signing our name on anything without thinking of the consequences.

Reading the fine print is too time consuming when all we want is to continue whatever it is we wish to really be doing.

In today’s world you can’t go anywhere without having to sign a terms and conditions agreement. Its how countless companies cover their back side and prevent obscure lawsuits with large payouts.

Anything from eating at a restaurant, shopping in a new store, or logging on to a website has its own personal terms and conditions. We went from a “the customer is always right” world to a “you knew what you were getting into” practically over night.

And so everyone just signs.

In a rush to get your morning cup of Joe; you sign.

Really like that wedding dress in the display; you sign.

Want to get your sink fixed;You sign

So, I signed.

I signed without reading the fine print; I signed because that’s what people do.

I signed, and missed the line that read “When this agreement is complete: I give you full permission to lock me in your basement and skin me alive.”(215 words)


So apparently, according to my husband. The ending is completely random, and freaking weird. But… I was going for dramtic… and hey guess it worked. 

My baaaddd. 


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