Picture Prompt 1



Max throws a fire ball at me and I leap out of the way; the heat unbearablely close. I roll to the edge of the platform, taking a defensive crouch.

“Max! Snap out of it!” He reels around, a steady stream of fire flowing from his hands. I have no time to dodge and throw up a shield at the last moment. I’m baking inside and he’s not letting up.

“Max!” There’s a pause and smoke washes over the shield, when it clears Max has vanished.

I take a cautious step forward looking around, “Max?”

There’s a shout and I look up just as Max lands on top of me a sword plunging through my chest.

“You failed!”

– –

I awake with a start, sitting up and clutching my heart; the pain is so real.

Sweat is dripping off my body but a chill travels up my spine. I turn to see a window open, the curtain blowing peacefully. The adrenaline drains slowly out of my system and I look down at Max who sleeps slowly beside me.

He’s only been back for a week or so, and he can still barely remember anything from our life before we landed here. I told him it would come back but he still looks right through both Zaku and I.

If his memories never come back, will my dream become a reality? The pain returns in my chest and a lay down next to Max. “I’m sorry,” I whisper, “I don’t know how to help you.”

I hear rustling in the other room and  slip off the king bed walking quietly to the kitchen, where I see Zaku making coffee. He doesn’t say anything when I enter, just glances up from his coffee mug. I walk over and hoist myself onto the counter beside him. The silence builds.

We exchange a sideways glance.

He takes a sip of his coffee.

I turn to look at him, staying silent. He sets the mug down gently, turning around; placing his hands on either side of me and looks me in the eye. Cool and calm.

“What’re you doing?”

“Standing here.” My eyes scan his, images playing across his face as his thoughts bleed through. My checks burn; he’s deliberately sending these my way.

I look down and clear my throat, “I’m worried about max.”

He grunts, picks up his mug and leans back on the opposing counter.

“Without all his memories,” I continue, “I’m worried he’ll fall victim to their brain washing again.”

“Mm,” he nods, “How do we get them back?” I shrug slightly and bite my lip before sliding off the counter, placing my hands on his face.

He stands still confused, but I close my eyes and try to focus. I concentrate on sending him a memory; I keep it simple and pick us eating breakfast yesterday.(475 words)

Okay, so these are some characters that I’ve had for some time. I never actually wrote anything for them but I do have tons of artwork for them (this picture is not mine). I was going through old stuff and found this and BOOM: Here’s today’s writing. 


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