Prompt 3: The Cave PART 1

Writing Prompt: At 19 everyone in your society has to go into the cave of fears and defeat your worst fear. You’re the first to go in and find nothing.

It’s about 2 in the morning when I wake up to the sound of Jessica crying. I sit up in the small twin bed and grab the flash light from the night stand, flashing it about before I find her in the corner of the room. “What are you doing?” I whisper

She points to the door still crying. I flash the light over there, but see nothing out of the ordinary. I stand up and walk over to her.

“Jessica, come back to bed.”

“They locked us in,” She looks up for the first time, “I tried to leave and the door was locked. We’re trapped.” She starts crying again while I go over and try the door myself. Sure enough, it’s locked.

I had hear rumors of people trying to get out the final exam by fleeing, but it always seemed so far fetched. The wilderness was worst than a stupid test. I jimmy the handle once more. I guess they weren’t gonna take any chances.

I return to Jessica and sit beside her, setting the flash light upwards so it illuminates the room. “Were you trying to run away?” She looks at me with guilty eyes.

“I’m not like you, Celine. I don’t have two parents who passed with flying colors and were there to show me how to be tough. Most of my family has failed.” She starts crying again and I wrap my arm around her.

“Hey, you’ll pass. Success isn’t based on your family. And you are tough. Think of all the crazy stuff we did in grade school.” She laughs a little, looking up to me.

“I guess you’re right, if i can help you pull off pranking Mr. Staurt-”

“I was more thinking surviving those school lunches, but okay.” I smile as Jessica laughs, her tears now from humor instead of worry.

“Common,” I say, “We should get back to bed.” We both stand just as the door clicks open and a buzzing sound begins playing over the speaker. We exchange a look before I pick up the flashlight and start toward the hallway. Jessica follows slowly, grabbing my hand.

Others are filing into the hallway, some with lights and eagerness, some holding onto the door frames waiting for the rest of us to go first.

“Alright, let’s go!” Justin is the first to take lead. I roll my eyes as he and his lackeys walk past. I’m not sure if their exaggerated confidence is in fact that, or just something they do to feel brave. Either way: it’s annoying.

“Common Jess.” I say pulling her out of the room, “looks like the Final Exam is about to start.” She pulls back on my arm, reluctant to go, so i turn around and start pushing her from behind.

Others start filing into the hallway and soon we’re like a pack of rats heading in the same direction. Jessica gets continually nervous the farther we get and eventually, between the people and her pulling away, I lose her in the crowd.

I push forward and make my way up to front, where Justin still holds the lead. He looks nervous despite his willingness to go first, but his friends have abandoned him and I assume retreated into the middle somewhere.

The closer we get to the building’s exit, the more tense the air seems. Everyone is on edge by time we reach the fence. I glance back still looking for Jessica. It’s funny, i’m more concerned with finding her than with the Final Exam. I wonder if she was right, that I take the fact that all of my family has passed for granted.(610 words)

I wanted to finish this tonight. :/ Unfortunately my job is one that keeps me there late and wants me there early. So! This will also be a two part-er. Thankfully I only have a half day tomorrow. Airgo, more writing time.


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