Prompt 2: Sin’s Tournament PART 2


“Alright folks, looks like we have a repeat game. Glow in the dark boner tag. For you new comers the rules of this game are quite simple.” Steve pauses pinching the bridge of his nose. “I can’t believe they’re doing this again.”

“What, what is it?” I ask peering down. Little glow sticks start popping up at the bottom but Steve has stopped explaining. I turn to Larry for answers.

“What’s going on?”

“The stupidest game I’ve ever seen.” Steve groans, “They wear glow in the dark condoms and try to tag the other person.”

Larry burst out laughing beside me, “Game seems more tailored to Gluttony’s advantage vs Lust, seeing as you can’t even find his-“ He continues in a fit of laughter.

“That makes no sense.” I say

“It doesn’t have to id,” Steve replies, “And it doesn’t have to be entertaining to watch either.”

“Speak for yourself.” Larry interjects.

“The tournament games are for the sins, we’re just play pieces and bonuses.”

“It’s not a fun as you would hope” Larry states, “Last tournament Wrath had a game that evolved chopping off body parts. Ours.” I shudder.

“But no,” I say, “I mean the game makes no sense. Two of the sins are chicks. How would they even play?”

Steve rolls his eyes before silently watching the game go on below. (224)

So unfortunately I had to work all day today. 11 to 10:30. So I didn’t get a chance to really work on this and finish it how I wanted. However, I won’t be working on this tomorrow :/

The point of this is site is to generate new idea’s every day so I don’t really wanna work on this for a week. I will be doing something tomorrow. 

Oh.. and as for the random game, my husband said it as a joke and didn’t think I would ever publish it, and pah-lease: don’t challenge me. >:)

Day three: Complete


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