Prompt 2: Sin’s Tournament PART 1

Writing Prompt: Every hundred years the seven deadly sins meet in Hell for a tournament The winner earns the right to be humanities most prominent sin until the next tournament comes around. 

“Eternal damnation. Torment for the rest of your dead life. Which is basically forever cause, like, you can’t die twice-“

“Do you have a point, Brad?” Steve interrupts me as he tries to sew his arm back on.

“Yes. Of course,” I continue “I was getting to it.” He rolls his eyes

“my point was, um-“

“you forgot.”

“Maybe if you stopped interrupting!” Steve sits back a crosses his arms


“Right. My point is that it’s a lot of suffering for one small thing. I mean, I was a decent person-“

“Obviously.” I glare at him, before rolling my eyes and continuing.

“It’s unfair.”

“That’s after-life.”

“will you stop interrupting me!” I explode, jumping up and stomping my feet. Steve just starts snickering.

I ignore him and turn my attention to the noise that’s been building; I mean it’s always noisy but this is different.

“What’s going on?” What are they running from now?”

“They’re not running from anything,” Stand stands up next to me, “they’re excited.”

“What!?” I reel back pretending to be hit. “What could they be excited about in Hell!?”

“Steve laughs pulling my arm, “common kid. I’ll show you.”

We begin weaving through people, a large amount are heading in the same direction. Though we still step over people crying, bleeding, or fighting; y’know normal Hell stuff.

We finally reach a clearing- well more like a deadly drop with people crowded around the edge, anyway. I turn to Steve.

“Are you going to explain what’s going on down there?”

“The Tournament is about to start.”

“Tournament? What is that? Do we have to compete? Why-“

“Just shut up and watch.” Steve sits down and the edge on the sheer death drop and I join him, squinting into the cavern.

“What am I watching, I don’t understand a thing.” Steve sighs, clears his throat, and starts speaking in an odd voice.

“We now see Lust entering-“

“What are you doing?” I say giving him a strange look, “and what’s that voice?”

“I’m explaining what’s happening,” he says normally, “now shut up and listen.” He clears his throat and starts again.

“Lust has entered the arena, a fetching Dominican man showing off his physic in a open collared-“

“I don’t see-“

“Of course everyone knows,” Steve raises his voice talking over me, “That Lust looks different to each person. So, a 20 year old kid who won’t shut up might see say: a busty blonde in a tight red dress.”

Steve looks over at me and I smile shyly. The guy next to me bumps my shoulder. “She’s in a little pink dress and pigtails to me.” He laughs creepily and I grimace.

“Now we see Greed” Steve continues, “Always dressed in the best suit, best cuff links, slicked back hair, alligator shoes-“

“Those are not alligator.” Says someone from behind us. “Those are just out.” Steve just rolls his eyes and continues.

“Expensive shit that he thinks looks good. Next we see Envy, she’s obviously plotting on how to get her own expensive stuff at half- or something.” He pauses and looks at me.

“She wants his stuff because she’s jealous and-“

“I know what envy means,” I smile


“Anyway.” He switches voices again, “And their goes pride-“

“Do you have a point?” he glares, I smile. “Or are you going to keep playing news reporter.”

“Fine, I’ll give you cliff notes. Since you have no attention span.”

“Or sense of wonder,” I fat smelly guy leans in between us, “I liked your announcing Steve.

“Thanks Larry.” Steve smiles before scooting closer and pointing to a figure at the bottom.”

“Big guy with the puffed out chest: Pride. Angry chick in the war outfit: Wrath. Fat slob: Gluttony, pretty obvious. Guy refusing to walk and insisting on being carried: Laziness or sloth, depends on who you talk to.”


“Do you want an explanation or are you going to interrupt every 5 sentences?”

“I just had a question.”

“Hold all questions til the end of the lecture,” He says in an automated voice. “Yes like the 7 deadly sins. In fact they are the seven deadly sins. Every hundred years they meet for a tournament to decide who gets to be humanities downfall for the next century.

“. . .”

“You can speak.”

“Well, it makes no sense. Why, how, just- WHAT!”

“They play against each other and whoever- here just watch. This is the only entertaining and remotely good thing that happens here, I’m not going to miss it explaining stuff to you.”

He turns his attention down to the cavern. Everyone looks like a speck, but still every open –and unrestricted- place is packed with onlookers.

Hell is basically waiting 100 years for the next interesting thing to happen.

Larry comes and sits next to me. “Steve you announcing this time, we liked you better than Earl.” Steve shrugs and then glares at me. I stick out my tongue as response.

“It’s a beautiful day to be in Hell!” Laughter

“It’s been 100 years since the last tournament and we can see Gluttony taking his victory lap, or rather riding his lap out on some excited inmates. I guess anything to break the monotony.

All of the other sins are primed and read for this year’s game. As with previous years, each sin will pick and/or crate their games in which all sins will complete.

Naturally, they will likely play to their own strengths and each points and receive cheers from the audience to ultimately decide the winner. First up to choose their games is: Lust.”

I squint to see the busty blonde –or Steve’s man I suppose- strutting into the middle of the group. I can’t make out what she’s saying and then suddenly the cavern goes dark and I turn to Steve.

“Hrm, this is new.”

“No,” Larry laughing slightly, “They did this about 8 tournaments ago.”

“Oh, I forgot.” Steve shakes his head. “It was so stupid.” (989 words)

Okay so it’s unfinished because I didn’t have the time to type it and finish the story.. since I have 7 games planned. Anyway, I shall continue it tomorrow. 

Day two: Complete


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