Prompt 1: EXTRAS

Because I usually think about other stuff with loose prompts, and am constantly in “novel mode” these are some extra things that run through my brain when working with a prompt. 

  1. The dragons have a much longer life span than humans so they live out their life and then change to a new body {like molting} the family either.. get’s a new baby? Or, like in Lost Girl, they have to grow up at an exaggerated rate and they just move to a new place.
  2. In their human form, children can’t change to a dragon form until after full maturity. (though not many are taught to transform)
  3. At this point humans {the secret meeting} have sucked all the resources and the earth has become mostly barren and has reverted back to it’s primal years, when dragons flourished.
  4. It’s only been a thousand years because dragons lived in hiding for a while when humans started running rapid. They went to deserted places and caves. Until humans over populated and there was no barely place to hide and humans began hunting the mystical creatures… cause humans.

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