Prompt 1: Secret Dragon Meeting

Writing Prompt: A thousand years ago dragons took human form. Tonight they’re having a secret meeting.

The valley is buzzing; it’s been centuries since they’ve been in one place. There are a lot of old faces and a few new. Most excited, some scared. This meeting will decide the fate of, not only those in this room but for generations to come.

A husk voice breaks through the noise, “May I have everyone’s attention!” The room begins to settle down, take seats, end conversations, and quickly find a spot to sit. The youngest in the group fidget in there spots as the council steps into view.

The chief steps up onto the rock, his appearance is young only about forty or so in human years, but his eyes show he has been around much longer than that. They are full of thousand of years of wisdom. You can tell that he is one of the few who have been around since the very beginning. The way he addresses the audience

“We’ve waiting a long time,” He speaks slow and smooth. “We’ve been hiding a long time. Hunted for decades and kept from our true nature forced to live among the very beasts who forced us from our homes.” He pauses, stretches his shoulder, rolls his neck, and clears his throat. Onlookers get anxious, sharing glances. “Finally he speaks, his voice booming.

“Our patience has paid off! The humans have purged themselves, their recklessness removing them from the food chain. We shall hide no more!” Murmurs start instantly, questions hanging in the air.

The other council members take this time to step forward; they all stretch, and turn toward the head council member. A hush falls on the crowd, anticipation building.

The chief hunches forward, bones crunching as his arms twist at unnatural angels. Smokes bursts from the rocks, surrounding the chief. Soon the chief is completely engulfed in flames; crackling echoing around the crowd.

When the smoke finally clears the chief stands tall and stretches his wings outward, practically engulfing the other council members, all whom have smiles of admiration on their faces. It has been far too long since they have seen their beloved leader in his true form.

The audience has a different reaction.

There is a stand still, as they take it in, mixed feeling across the board. Some are eager, already stretching, anxious to spread their wings once more. Others are scared, terrified even, having grown a custom to their new form. They youngest ones have a particular uneasiness about them, most having no experience with their true forms.

“Is it safe?” someone calls out.

“What if we are hunted again?” another shouts.

Soon the crowd is bursting with concerns, voices overlapping. Still, more shout to encourage the change.

“Don’t you remember flying?”

A flame erupts above the crowd and attention is placed on the source.

The chief exhales slowly, smoke escaping from his nostrils.

“We have waited long enough, deprived our children the joys of our culture,” he pauses and then lets out a roar low and long at slowly building, echoing off the rock walls.

“Our language” Tears form in everyone’s eyes. Their mother tongue is a powerful motivator.

The chief smiles and nods to the rest of the council, who begin transforming and helping those who have forgotten.

The room is a buzz with a new kind of excitement, an n entire species is being renewed, the future generation will study this day.

The transition would not be easy of course; some where still hesitant and even still once transformed they felt just as strange as they did thousand of years ago.

The chief had hope still, and he retreated to his wife, newly transformed. They rub their necks, embracing in a way they haven’t been able to in a long time. She smiles and raises her heard high slowly beginning to sing.

People pause and close there eyes. A song beloved by everyone and long unheard in its native language fills the air.


A roar echoes through the valley as humans gather around the fire. A man stands alone, guarding the camps; he turns towards the noise and smirk forming on his face, “they’re back. (689 Words)

So… I guess for not having written in a very long time it’s pretty good. At least my husband thinks so :p. I feel like i could have put a bit more effort… or maybe I’ve lost my creative writing edge. … Also wrote this between downtime at work. :/ WHATEVER!

Day one: Complete



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